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Wage and Hour Disputes are governed by the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) as well as state and federal law. Included in the FLSA are the procedures, conditions, stipulations, exemptions, and compliance of employment and labor laws, including wage and hour issues.

Wage and hour disputes often involve various areas of employment and labor law, including (but not limited to):

  • Overtime Pay;
  • Minimum Wage;
  • Unpaid Last Paychecks;
  • Unpaid Commissions;
  • Unpaid Salary;
  • Vacation Pay;
  • and unauthorized deductions of wages.

Florida courts have held that the prevailing party in an action to recover unpaid periodic salary, unpaid sales commissions, an unpaid bonus, or unpaid severance pay are entitled to an award of attorney’s fees and cost. In short, if you are successful in your wage and hour claim, the employer must pay your attorney fees and costs.

Contact an experienced Orlando wage and hour lawyer (attorney) at LaBar Adams today by calling Toll Free: (866) 680-4529. We will be able to tell you if your have a valid wage and hour claim, how much you are owed, and if you may also be entitled to additional damages. If you have a wage and hour dispute, contact one of our Orlando wage and hour attorneys (lawyers) today.

If you file a wage and hour claim against your employer, they cannot fire you as a result, as your employer may also be faced with a potential employment retaliation legal claim.

Because the laws relating to wage and hour issues can be very complicated, some employers choose to exploit an employee’s lack of knowledge of employment and labor laws in order to increase their own financial position. On the other hand, there are also employers who make wage and hour mistakes due to their own unfamiliarity of current employment and labor laws.

Fortunately for the employee, regardless if the actions of the employer are intentional or unintentional, the law provides employee the legal ability to:

Seek the recovery of wages;
To be paid correctly and according to the law;
In certain situations, to seek monetary damages.


Protect your legal rights by contacting an experienced Orlando wage and hour lawyer (attorney) at LaBar Adams today. Your ability to recover or obtain lawfully entitled wages may depend upon it.

Contact an experienced Orlando Wage and Hour Attorney (lawyer) who diligently protects the legal rights of those who require professional legal services involving wage and hour legal matters. Please call us Toll Free at (866) 680-4529 to speak with a qualified Orlando Wage and Hour Attorney (lawyer).  You may also send us an email using the online form provided at this website and representative of LaBar Adams will contact you shortly to protect your legal rights.

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