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 A hostile work environment exists when there are unwelcome comments or conduct based on gender, race, religion, age, national origin or another legally protected class that un-reasonably interferes with an employee’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

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Many individuals in the workplace may commit actions or condone actions that may lawfully be considered to facilitate a hostile work environment. Those who may create a hostile work environment include:

  • Management Officials
  • Supervisors
  • Co-workers
  • Or a non-employee, such as a contractor, vendor or guest

The victim of a hostile work environment may be anyone who is affected by the conduct, not just the individual at whom the offensive conduct is directed.

Examples of actions that may create gender or sexual hostile environment harassment include:

  • Leering, i.e., staring in a sexually suggestive manner;
  • Making offensive remarks about looks, clothing, body parts;
  • Touching in a way that may make an employee feel uncomfortable, such as patting, pinching or intentional brushing against another’s body;
  • Telling sexual or lewd jokes, hanging sexual posters, making sexual gestures, etc.;
  • Sending, forwarding or soliciting sexually suggestive letters, notes, emails, or images.

Other Actions

Which may result in hostile environment harassment, which are non-sexual in nature, include:

  • Use of racially derogatory words, phrases, epithets;
  • Demonstrations of a racial or ethnic nature such as a use of gestures, pictures or drawings which would offend a particular racial or ethnic group;
  • Comments about an individual’s skin color or other racial/ethnic characteristics;
  • Making disparaging remarks about an individual’s gender that are not sexual in nature;
  • Negative comments about an employee’s religious beliefs (or lack of religious beliefs);
  • Expressing negative stereotypes regarding an employee’s birthplace or ancestry;
  • Negative comments regarding an employee’s age when referring to employees 40 and over; and
  • Derogatory or intimidating references to an employee’s mental or physical impairment.

A claim of harassment

Generally requires several elements, including:

  • The complaining party must be a member of a statutorily protected class;
  • He or she was subjected to unwelcome verbal or physical conduct related to his or her membership in that protected class;
  • The unwelcome conduct complained of was based on his or her membership in that protected class;
  • The unwelcome conduct affected a term or condition of employment and/or had the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with his or her work performance and/or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

The anti-discrimination statutes are not a general civility code. Thus, federal law does not prohibit teasing, yelling, comments, or incidents that are not related to the victim’s protected class. Rather, the conduct must be so objectively offensive as to alter the terms and conditions of the individual’s employment. The conditions of employment are altered only if the harassment culminates in a tangible employment action or is sufficiently severe or pervasive to create a hostile work environment.

Your Orlando hostile work environment attorney must have thorough knowledge regarding all State and Federal laws regarding hostile work environment issues, and have the experience to effectively employ this knowledge, while providing you with the highest standard of legal representation. Our Orlando law firm has this knowledge and experience, and is ready to protect your legal rights in hostile work environment disputes in Orlando and throughout Central Florida.


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