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Employment and Labor Law can be very complex in nature. Especially, considering all of the exemptions, exceptions, and a whole host of other conditions and circumstances attributed to the various areas of employment and labor law.

Employers sometimes ignore the law and their responsibility to treat their employees fairly, or properly protect employees from discrimination, harassment or other unfair employment conditions or situations.

At the Labor and Employment Law Litigation Division of LaBar Adams we have the knowledge and experience required to litigate even the most complex employment law cases, and we are dedicated to protecting employee’s legal rights in Orlando and throughout the entire Central Florida area in cases involving:

Age Discrimination

LaBar Adams represents those who have been discriminated against because of one’s age.

Polygraph Protection

The Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA) generally prevents employers from using a polygraph. Contact us if you are requested to take a lie detector test.

Wage and hour Disputes

If your employer has not properly paid for all the hours you worked, you may be able to bring a civil action against the company

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination in the workplace is a violation of both federal and Florida state law. The attorneys at LaBar Adams can effectively defend your claim.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment, governed by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, goes beyond improper or unsolicited sexual contact at the workplace.

Overtime Pay Disputes

We will be able to tell if you are entitled to receive overtime pay, how much you are owed, and if you may also be entitled to additional damages.

Hostile Work Environment

hostile work environment exists when comments or conduct based on sex, race or other legally protected characteristics un-reasonably interfere with an employee’s work performance.

Retaliation Protection

An employer may not retaliate in any way regarding complaints made to proper labor organization agencies, or any legal claims which are filed by the employee as a result of workplace actions or conditions.

Wrongful Termination

Do you believe that you are being wrongfully terminated and are looking for a wrongful termination attorney in Orlando or Central Florida? We can help!

If you have a workplace employment or labor dispute or have concerns regarding being treated or paid fairly, according to the law, contact us today by calling us Toll Free at (866) 680-4529, to schedule a confidential legal consultation. We will be able to evaluate your case and let you know if you have a valid employment and labor law claim, inform you of your legal rights and options, as well as the steps and measures you need to take to seek compensation for damages.

It is critical for you to know that if you file an employment or labor dispute claim against your employer, they cannot fire you as a result. Otherwise your employer may also face a potential employment retaliation legal claim.

If you are successful in your employment or labor dispute claim, your employer may be obligated to pay you for your attorney fees and cost.


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